Pregnancy and child birth

We offer a world standard care from the beginning of the pregnancy. Dr. Harada is a fetal medicine specialist, who trained NHS hospitals in London for 2 years. We are aware of your choice on prenatal screening; first trimester combined test / detailed first trimester scan / NIPT / amniocentasis are available on your request.

Our aim is to share a safe and positive experience of delivery. We try to support mothers during labor, and consider it important the process of your adequate understanding and consent regarding any medical interventions.

Epidural anesthesia is available on your request. The risk and complication of epidural anesthesia will be explained in advance, and you will need additional blood tests, chest X-ray and EKG to prepare for emergency cesarean section before the labor. Therefore, please inform us at outpatient clinic before 36 weeks of gestation, if you might need or request epidural anesthesia during labor.

Meantime, we are also flexible to your background including religion and family circumstances. Medical stuffs (OBGY doctors and nurses) are all female, however, male doctor may attend the delivery if your delivery happens at night, weekends, or public holidays. For those who have special request for foods, we will follow your preference as much as possible.

If there are any further concerns or questions, please visit us, or call 075-781-5191 (English-speaking stuff usually available after 1300hr / 1pm).


For couples those who are unable to conceive children for several months, we will start with checking the size of egg to predict the timing of ovulation. Sperm counting, hystrosalpingogram (HSG) and other testing may be planned at the same time. Our facilities are able to offer AIH (artificial insemination of husband’s sperm into the womb), and suitable for couples who want to start the treatment. We will referred you to higher medical hospitals for IVF-ET at an appropriate timing.

Pre-conceptional counseling is also available. If there is any concern about your health or medical problem running in your families, please consult us when you visit.


Symptoms which we treat or recommend to come to the clinic are anemia, period pain, abdominal pain, itching etc. Regular check-up, PAP smear test, emergency contraception and any other small problems are also welcome.


Ladies with prior reservation will have priority. To make an appointment, please call 075-781-5191 between 1pm-4pm.